Hang On!

As unemployment benefits come to a close, don’t cry to long. Put your gloves on and get ready to fight!
1. If you recently lost your health insurance within the past 60 days and has some income (for states AR, VA, SC, NC, MN call KYC Insurance Agency, LLC @ 919-592-1525).
2. If your state offers EXTENDED Medicaid, sign up for it, and keep your healthcare going.
3. If no EXTENDED Medicaid program, in your state, look for doctors/clients that provide services on a SLIDING SCALE (most areas will have a place). Sliding scale is based on your income.
4. Call your mortgage company and ask for those extensions.
5. Call your light/water/gas/phone/internet companies and ask for extensions.
6. Call your car/rental insurance companies and ask for an extension.
7. Sign up for Food Stamps, for food.
8. Find the local pantries in your area.
Hang on! I promise you, IT WILL PASS! We just don’t know the hour or day, but it will pass.
KYC Insurance Agency, LLC

Medicare Recipients – Future Zoomers

Hi senior population, friends, caregivers, and supporting family members:

We are living in a very unique time, with COVID-19 lurking in every corner. KYC Insurance Agency, LLC has had to rethink its approach this year, in assisting our MVPs (Most Valuable Persons). You all still need help and support, as we navigate through these difficult times, for open enrollment, which is approximately 10 weeks away. In the meantime, KYC would like to introduce itself to you all!

Waving Hand: Medium-Dark Skin Tone Emoji (U+1F44B, U+1F3FE)
Sing For Your Seniors - nonprofit


Zoom Reference Materials/Resources - PTI - Calibration Management ...

I will show you how to access and navigate Zoom; and show you what it will look like, on your end. If you are not comfortable with Zoom, please ask someone that is accessible to you to help you with the tutorial and/or navigation.If Zoom is not an option, we provide great phone base support!

We have some work to do, in getting you up to speed. There will be many resources available, I am certain, but practice gets your closer to perfect. You’d be less nervous about the guidance you’re receiving; you will find confidence in the choice you will be able to make; and most importantly, you’ll be able to participate in this new way, rather than be a guest!

Let’s learn together,

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC

Whole Life: Investing in our 18 YO Seniors


Give them a TOMORROW!

SC, NC, AR (not available in MN)
Have you ever considered getting your kids a WHOLE LIFE POLICY? This is NOT just a life policy, but an investment policy.

*Matures at age 121* Payable to age 100* Premiums are guaranteed and level* Accumulates Cash Value* Allows Loans

This policy grows in value, over time. While they are young, we rarely think to do these types of investments for our children. Please allow KYC an opportunity to aid you in this discussion.

EX: Price $$ is a fixed, mere (will not change with age) $21.16 a month for a minimum face amount of $25,000.


If they are only 18, this is their investment paid in full, before the age of 30, potentially.

We are living in unprecedented times, but there’s always hope! We, as adults, have an opportunity to continue paying it forward to our seeds. They deserve an opportunity to thrive and are deserving of an opportunity for greatness, even in this COVID-19 era.

Road Map for a thriving young adult.

For our GRADUATING Seniors, rather than give them money, clothing, or other really fun materials (nothing wrong with that), how about we help them invest in their tomorrow (yes, they will have one)!

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC has created a Save Seniors Healthcare Investment Package that will set your new adults up for success financially, long-term, by helping them make good investment choices NOW!

If they are athletics, let’s talk about that too!

Call me: 919-592-1525

**DISCLAIMER**Rates and packaging are flexible; offers optional choices; and aren’t guaranteed, as there may be some underwriting, based on face amounts and pre-existing conditions. Plan is details will not change, provided that payment is made and policy not cancelled.

COVID-19 is upon!

Do you have enough healthcare coverage? Have you considered what your life could be or become, if COVID-19 gets into your home? There is additional support you can have, without hurting yourself financially, with COVID-19 lurking.

DON’T WAIT! If you wait, PRE-EXISTING CONDITION WILL APPLY. Once pre-existing is in play, there’s nothing KYC can do to help or override. DON’T WAIT!

Call and get a quote NOW!

Here’s an example of help provided to a single mother, recently:

Up late, adding insurance on a single mother and child. I just added cancer, hospital (emergency room; outpatient, and ICU, etc. <–Corono is on her mind); 2nd whole life policy!

If the world is going to reopen, no matter what, then get yourself the best, affordable coverage available, with KYC Insurance Agency, LLC.

Monthly rates:

Cancer: $24.36
Hospital: $72
Critical Illiness: $19.01
TeleMedicine: $20
Whole Life $20,000/$10,000: $36.97

Affordable options are available.

Call and get a quote NOW!

Call KYC Insurance Agency, LLC: 919.592.1525


KYC Insurance Agency, LLC is now operating in four states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, and Minnesota. Three of the states are due to close ties or proximity. Minnesota was chosen, as a state that I am familiar with and has some distant ties and it’s in the Mid-West! It’s a beautiful state, with an intricate healthcare system.

I’ve also launched a 2nd business, Customer Care & Consultation Services (CCCS). This is another part of me that I am most passionate and intrigued with and have thrived and done quite well. With CCCS, we are providing customer service support for multiple clients, operating in all 50 states. CCCS provides assistance for different types of servicing support, across many industries. We have the technological support to different software and networks, to meet your clients need. Industries that we’ve supported or still supporting are as follows: food, finance, home & business, and healthcare!

Upcoming Event: Act like a Nurse; Think Like a Boss

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC is a week away from its participation in Act Like a Nurse, Think Like a Boss Summit! Held right here, in Raleigh, NC, where over 200+ nurses will be in attendance, learning how to build and sustain a successful home healthcare agency, from the great Tammy Lewis.

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC will be there to introduce healthcare options to these contributors of society, for both individuals and small business employers!

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC now has 39 contracts, with over 100 products, recently adding the amazing MetLife to our portfolio to provide these future small business owners access to greatness!

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC has worked very hard to bring its business to this level, within a short period of time, with grace, dignity, and integrity. KYC is living up to its promise of finding those clients in need; providing affordable, flexible healthcare options that are realistically obtainable.

Small businesses are the heartbeat of this great nation, and they all want to provide great benefit options to their employees, without “breaking the bank”. KYC is here to help them cross this threshold!