Open Enrollment is NOW: KYC has it!!

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC is out here changing lives; making dreams come true; living and showing that you.. YES YOU, can have what you felt that you never could!

Give me a call, let me show you what I mean.

~ Don’t worry about your income (too low/too high)!
~ Don’t make any assumptions!
~ Don’t assume the worst!
~ Be realistic in your ask and need!
~ Don’t over buy, when it isn’t needed!
~ Get what you need!
~ Get what you’d like, if you have the means!

KYC has been able to do some amazing things, but what we can’t do is change the laws; modify Obamacare; remove pre-existing conditioning; remove ALL obstacles!

What KYC can do is bring understanding; KYC can enhance and buid on what you have; KYC can help you manage; KYC can bring you multiple options and choices; KYC can help you KNOW YOUR CHOICES!

KYC has 36 CONTRACTS and over 65 PRODUCTS!
You want it.. KYC HAS IT!
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Medicare: Let’s talk about it!

Open enrollment is upon us! October 15th is rapidly approaching in about 31 days. I am very excited about 2020! I want you to get excited as well! KYC has worked very hard to ensure that YOU have a large selection pool, so that you Know Your Choices, completely!

I’ll be hosting my first 2020 Medicare information session showcasing KYC Insurance Agency, LLC Medicare portfolio for 2020. We will talk about changes; what’s available in our immediate area; challenges; concerns; knowledge gap; and accessibility to your resources!

Tentative date: 10/5/2019

Deductibles, Food, or Medicine

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon practice. It had went away for a long time, as a common practice. However, it’s back! This is the very reason why I do not advocate a high deductible plan, unless my client has a THOROUGH understanding of what it means. It’s imperative that I give them an educational session and provide examples.

This is worth the listen. Don’t let this open enrollment season pass you by, without calling KYC. A conversation doesn’t cost you anything.


Men & Mental Health

This article speaks to the importance of knowing your truth, and the challenges men have becoming mentally health!

Have you checked your current medical plan? Do you now if you could see a mental health provider? Is it a plan exclusion? Does it apply to your deductible or copay? If you need help with any of these questions, please call KYC Insurance Agency, LLC.

What affordability looks like…

Open Enrollment Prep

KYC is prepping to complete an open enrollment on tomorrow. What I want you to see when you open my packages is the affordable cost. I want you to see this and get excited!

Are you a small business owner and would like KYC to build an affordable healthcare package for your employees? There is no cost to you. In fact, you can save FICA tax by allowing me to help enhance your employees’ experience.

This is a great way to attract and keep great talent, without breaking the bank!

Call KYC Insurance Agency, LLC at 919.592.1525.


But for you! KYC Insurance Agency, LLC is necessary; it’s important; I (WE) do good work that people need. It’s my job; my duty to inform YOU; empower YOU; and lift YOU!

KYC lives, as I breath.

Thank you current, new, and future clients of KYC. I assure you, there’s no one better, with my level of experience that do this for ALL of the right reasons. I believe, as I RUN!

I have 35 contracts, with about 70 products. Yes, give me your dream, and allow me to breath your truth to life!

It’s real; YES, you can have it.


KYC in 1400 homes!

I just took on a huge project to get KYC into more North Carolinians home! It has been successfully completed.


My name is Evette Sadohounme. I am country raised and corn bread feed, and I will be honored to become your Healthcare BROKER!”

Nobody will work harder than me!

Prayers up and blessings shall reign! Amen!