I met her today, and I think she should be shared with you all. This is her first time introducing her art, at this level. She’s a new college grad, and drips TALENT! I want her to win, so I am going to share her everywhere.

You can find her on Instagram @ Zainabu Art. She proudly and excitedly exclaimed how important it was to find and create art that catered to Black Women! She shared how she would shop for powerful art pieces and couldn’t find any, and if she did it was not priced friendly.

After myself and several other vendors and customers saw her work, we decided to blast her on all of our social media platforms. She is almost sold out! I have friends in Arkansas, North Carolina, and Michigan that have sent her Cash app payments, or getting ready to purchase their chosen art piece! Her pieces will bless our walls as well.

Let me please introduce two of her signature pieces:

Ms. Confidence, who is available in print for a mere $10. The canvas is ready to go home at $60. She can and is able to customize a piece for you.

Please also meet Ms. Resilience, offered at $250 and is totally customizable:

Ms. Eubanks comes to us from Greeensboro, NC, and she will ship to you if you must have a piece of this amazing art, regardless of location!

Her number is 704.361.9534!

Happy shopping,

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC

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