Do you have enough healthcare coverage? Have you considered what your life could be or become, if COVID-19 gets into your home? There is additional support you can have, without hurting yourself financially, with COVID-19 lurking.

DON’T WAIT! If you wait, PRE-EXISTING CONDITION WILL APPLY. Once pre-existing is in play, there’s nothing KYC can do to help or override. DON’T WAIT!

Call and get a quote NOW!

Here’s an example of help provided to a single mother, recently:

Up late, adding insurance on a single mother and child. I just added cancer, hospital (emergency room; outpatient, and ICU, etc. <–Corono is on her mind); 2nd whole life policy!

If the world is going to reopen, no matter what, then get yourself the best, affordable coverage available, with KYC Insurance Agency, LLC.

Monthly rates:

Cancer: $24.36
Hospital: $72
Critical Illiness: $19.01
TeleMedicine: $20
Whole Life $20,000/$10,000: $36.97

Affordable options are available.

Call and get a quote NOW!

Call KYC Insurance Agency, LLC: 919.592.1525

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