KYC Insurance Agency, LLC is now operating in four states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia, and Minnesota. Three of the states are due to close ties or proximity. Minnesota was chosen, as a state that I am familiar with and has some distant ties and it’s in the Mid-West! It’s a beautiful state, with an intricate healthcare system.

I’ve also launched a 2nd business, Customer Care & Consultation Services (CCCS). This is another part of me that I am most passionate and intrigued with and have thrived and done quite well. With CCCS, we are providing customer service support for multiple clients, operating in all 50 states. CCCS provides assistance for different types of servicing support, across many industries. We have the technological support to different software and networks, to meet your clients need. Industries that we’ve supported or still supporting are as follows: food, finance, home & business, and healthcare!

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