Give them a TOMORROW!

SC, NC, AR (not available in MN)
Have you ever considered getting your kids a WHOLE LIFE POLICY? This is NOT just a life policy, but an investment policy.

*Matures at age 121* Payable to age 100* Premiums are guaranteed and level* Accumulates Cash Value* Allows Loans

This policy grows in value, over time. While they are young, we rarely think to do these types of investments for our children. Please allow KYC an opportunity to aid you in this discussion.

EX: Price $$ is a fixed, mere (will not change with age) $21.16 a month for a minimum face amount of $25,000.


If they are only 18, this is their investment paid in full, before the age of 30, potentially.

We are living in unprecedented times, but there’s always hope! We, as adults, have an opportunity to continue paying it forward to our seeds. They deserve an opportunity to thrive and are deserving of an opportunity for greatness, even in this COVID-19 era.

Road Map for a thriving young adult.

For our GRADUATING Seniors, rather than give them money, clothing, or other really fun materials (nothing wrong with that), how about we help them invest in their tomorrow (yes, they will have one)!

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC has created a Save Seniors Healthcare Investment Package that will set your new adults up for success financially, long-term, by helping them make good investment choices NOW!

If they are athletics, let’s talk about that too!

Call me: 919-592-1525

**DISCLAIMER**Rates and packaging are flexible; offers optional choices; and aren’t guaranteed, as there may be some underwriting, based on face amounts and pre-existing conditions. Plan is details will not change, provided that payment is made and policy not cancelled.

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