Hi senior population, friends, caregivers, and supporting family members:

We are living in a very unique time, with COVID-19 lurking in every corner. KYC Insurance Agency, LLC has had to rethink its approach this year, in assisting our MVPs (Most Valuable Persons). You all still need help and support, as we navigate through these difficult times, for open enrollment, which is approximately 10 weeks away. In the meantime, KYC would like to introduce itself to you all!

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Sing For Your Seniors - nonprofit


Zoom Reference Materials/Resources - PTI - Calibration Management ...

I will show you how to access and navigate Zoom; and show you what it will look like, on your end. If you are not comfortable with Zoom, please ask someone that is accessible to you to help you with the tutorial and/or navigation.If Zoom is not an option, we provide great phone base support!

We have some work to do, in getting you up to speed. There will be many resources available, I am certain, but practice gets your closer to perfect. You’d be less nervous about the guidance you’re receiving; you will find confidence in the choice you will be able to make; and most importantly, you’ll be able to participate in this new way, rather than be a guest!

Let’s learn together,

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC

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