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KYC can help during ENROLLMENT!

Medicare Enrollment will begin on 10/15/2019, for 2020. Need a quote or ready to purchase click the Medicareful Logo to the right of the screen!

Looking for an affordable major medical plan, off the marketplace click link to the right of the screen or call me 919.592.1525!

Looking just for dental and/or vision, click to the right of the screen!

Want some help saving your small business some FICA tax, but can’t afford the big major medical carriers, let me build a plan for you and your team for FREE! Call me 919.592.1525.

Need some help navigating or enrolling on the marketplace, please call me at 919.592.1525! Open enrollment begins 11/1/2019.

I come with reviews. Google KYC Insurance Agency, LLC. 😊💖

Meet Sarah Eubanks @ Zainabu Art

I met her today, and I think she should be shared with you all. This is her first time introducing her art, at this level. She’s a new college grad, and drips TALENT! I want her to win, so I am going to share her everywhere.

You can find her on Instagram @ Zainabu Art. She proudly and excitedly exclaimed how important it was to find and create art that catered to Black Women! She shared how she would shop for powerful art pieces and couldn’t find any, and if she did it was not priced friendly.

After myself and several other vendors and customers saw her work, we decided to blast her on all of our social media platforms. She is almost sold out! I have friends in Arkansas, North Carolina, and Michigan that have sent her Cash app payments, or getting ready to purchase their chosen art piece! Her pieces will bless our walls as well.

Let me please introduce two of her signature pieces:

Ms. Confidence, who is available in print for a mere $10. The canvas is ready to go home at $60. She can and is able to customize a piece for you.

Please also meet Ms. Resilience, offered at $250 and is totally customizable:

Ms. Eubanks comes to us from Greeensboro, NC, and she will ship to you if you must have a piece of this amazing art, regardless of location!

Her number is 704.361.9534!

Happy shopping,

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC

Medicare: Let’s talk about it!

Open enrollment is upon us! October 15th is rapidly approaching in about 31 days. I am very excited about 2020! I want you to get excited as well! KYC has worked very hard to ensure that YOU have a large selection pool, so that you Know Your Choices, completely!

I’ll be hosting my first 2020 Medicare information session showcasing KYC Insurance Agency, LLC Medicare portfolio for 2020. We will talk about changes; what’s available in our immediate area; challenges; concerns; knowledge gap; and accessibility to your resources!

Tentative date: 10/5/2019

KYC Insurance Agency: Need Healthcare Coverage?

KYC will be onsite with the capability to complete site-on-scene enrollments. What do you need? With 33 contracts in place, I assure you I have what you need or something you want! Come see me and tell me all about it!

If you don’t have time, I’ll have information onsite to share with you to take home. If you only have a question, come see me. If you have a concern, come see me. Let me help you dispel a negative emotion, when you think of health care. Let’s talk!

“More Than Just Fashion. It’s The Largest African-Inspired Gathering In North Carolina.

Since 2016, Africa Fashion Week North Carolina (AFWNC) has helped the spread and growth of the African fashion industry, especially in North Carolina. We’re here to provide a platform for designers who want to expose their brands to the world, but having difficulty to enter the market.

The goal of our events is to help small businesses and startups gain exposures for their brands and to support the growth and evolution of African inspired fashion products. AFWNC 2019 is a 3-day event that will be held in September 12th-14th 2019 at Durham Fruit Company ( 305 S Dillard St, Durham, NC 27701).

AFWNC 2019 will attract a huge audience of fashion enthusiast, buyers, bloggers, lovers of the African culture and tons of media people, which we believe will always be the key role in helping local African designers to grow their businesses.

We’ve been expecting you to become a part of this awesome event. “

2019 Simplified Enrollment – Medicare

Hi all,

My Medicareful website has been completed. As products become available, they will be continually loaded. As of now, I have 2019 Medicare policies available from several insurance carriers. Although, you are able to choose a policy immediately, I’d please encourage to press ” Contact Licensed Sales Agent”, for additional guidance and assistance.

If you are looking for something that isn’t there, please press “Contact Licensed Sales Agent”, I’ll need to speak with you further. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t available to you.

Policies for 2020 will not become available until October. Again, this is only for 2019. If you are new to enrollment; newly eligible; need assistance; or have questions, please click ” Contact Licensed Sales Agent “.

I need Medical Coverage Now, but…

You are outside of the Open Enrollment Period, and you do not have a Special Enrollment Period (qualifying event)?

It’s okay. There are some viable options that you can get that will meet your immediate needs and depending on your family size, I can help you get a plan today, with a premium less than $100 monthly.

Open enrollment for the Marketplace begins on 11/1/2019, with an effective date of 1/1/2020. What are you going to do in between that time? What can you do?

I can also help you offset any additional cost, due to high deductibles or a catastrophic moment, whereas you need more coverage than what’s offered. I can help you with that for $4.84 a week.

Please allow KYC to help you, while in this gap, waiting.

Please click here (Contact Me)!!