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2019 Simplified Enrollment – Medicare

Hi all,

My Medicareful website has been completed. As products become available, they will be continually loaded. As of now, I have 2019 Medicare policies available from several insurance carriers. Although, you are able to choose a policy immediately, I’d please encourage to press ” Contact Licensed Sales Agent”, for additional guidance and assistance.

If you are looking for something that isn’t there, please press “Contact Licensed Sales Agent”, I’ll need to speak with you further. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t available to you.

Policies for 2020 will not become available until October. Again, this is only for 2019. If you are new to enrollment; newly eligible; need assistance; or have questions, please click ” Contact Licensed Sales Agent “.

I need Medical Coverage Now, but…

You are outside of the Open Enrollment Period, and you do not have a Special Enrollment Period (qualifying event)?

It’s okay. There are some viable options that you can get that will meet your immediate needs and depending on your family size, I can help you get a plan today, with a premium less than $100 monthly.

Open enrollment for the Marketplace begins on 11/1/2019, with an effective date of 1/1/2020. What are you going to do in between that time? What can you do?

I can also help you offset any additional cost, due to high deductibles or a catastrophic moment, whereas you need more coverage than what’s offered. I can help you with that for $4.84 a week.

Please allow KYC to help you, while in this gap, waiting.

Please click here (Contact Me)!!

2019 – KYC is Ready to Sell

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC is ready to begin selling for the remaining of this 2019 Healthcare year. I’ve completed about 98% of all of my contracting for both 2019 & 2020. Click PRODUCTS to get started.

  • Medicare Open Enrollment begins 10/15/2019.
  • Marketplace Open Enrollment begins 11/1/2019.

I am also open to hearing feedback about my site. I built it myself, and I am touch skinned. Let me know what works for you. What doesn’t work for you. What you’d like to see, etc.

Use me to help you make great choices!

KYC Insurance Agency, LLC and Fashions!

Oh yes, KYC Insurance Agency, LLC is going to be attention on deck, at this fashion extravaganza!!

Every opportunity I can create, manufacture, or participate in to TALK about healthcare; to offer healthcare and my services; to share my gift of knowledge that EMPOWERS YOU, I am going to take it!

If you are in the area stop and say hello. I will also challenge yourself to ask me a question that you’ve wanted to know about healthcare coverage‚Ķ maybe a myth that has boggled your mind.

Cancelling $81Billion in medical debt?

Then who pays the hospitals and doctors? This step towards this huge promise still doesn’t address the high cost of healthcare; the liable insurance the doctors and hospitals must carry, offering them some cushion from bankruptcy will not protect them from this.

You can’t fix one thing, and forget about everyone else, leaving them extremely vulnerable.

Is Bernie Sanders on to something? Or is this just another over-promise?