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KYC Insurance Agency, LLC and Fashions!

Oh yes, KYC Insurance Agency, LLC is going to be attention on deck, at this fashion extravaganza!!

Every opportunity I can create, manufacture, or participate in to TALK about healthcare; to offer healthcare and my services; to share my gift of knowledge that EMPOWERS YOU, I am going to take it!

If you are in the area stop and say hello. I will also challenge yourself to ask me a question that you’ve wanted to know about healthcare coverageā€¦ maybe a myth that has boggled your mind.

Cancelling $81Billion in medical debt?

Then who pays the hospitals and doctors? This step towards this huge promise still doesn’t address the high cost of healthcare; the liable insurance the doctors and hospitals must carry, offering them some cushion from bankruptcy will not protect them from this.

You can’t fix one thing, and forget about everyone else, leaving them extremely vulnerable.

Is Bernie Sanders on to something? Or is this just another over-promise?

High-Deductible Health plan

Or some may call it a Catastrophic plan. This policy generally has a rather high deductible, and a low premium. It’s ideal for someone who is healthy; seeking a low-cost medical plan – seeking affordability. But what happens if/when the catastrophic event occurs? Will you have enough money saved or available to cover the $8,000 (amount can vary) deductible? How will it affect your household, livelihood, and/or current expenditures?

I have an answer that’s equally as affordable and will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Call KYC Insurance Agency, LLC! KYC can help you save!